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The props you use to style your flat lay wedding stationery photography are a reflection of your brand. Ribbons, vintage stamps and wax seals as my props of choice in my stationery flat lays. I tend to go light on props as I don’t want to overcrowd my main subject which is my invitation suite.


  • Use my props to fill in any negative space in composition: loose vintage stamps, small bowls, wax seals & fresh flowers fill in space to make create balance and unity in a photo
  • Choose props that don’t compete with your stationery suite
  • Size matters: in most cases its best to keep props smaller than your stationery items
  • Keep props in the same color story as your wedding suite
  • If you don’t have a lot of money to spend on props buy a few vintage stamps and ribbons in whites and neutrals that way you can use them over and over with any suite. The plus side of only having a few props on hand is that you create even more brand recognition in your photos through repetition.


AMAZON – Frayed Cotton Ribbon

AMAZON – Silk Like Frayed Ribbon

AMAZON – Frayed Cotton Ribbon

ETSY – Frayed Velvet Ribbon

ETSY – Pure Silk Ribbon








AMAZON – Tiny Wooden Dish

AMAZON – Tiny Antique Style Dish

AMAZON – Large Antique Style Styling Tray

ETSY – Vintage Gold Tray

AMAZON – Antique Style Scissors 


ETSY – Vintage Stamps

AMAZON – Wax Seal Stamp

AMAZON – Gold Wax for Wax Seals

AMAZON – Vintage Style Skeleton Key

ETSY – Vintage Sterling Silver Scissors











The first prop we need to talk about is the surface you use to take your photos on. The surface I take my photos on is a texture styling board that I created myself. To create my board all I did was use a putty knife to spread some modeling paste onto a 36 inch x 36 inch foam board. Then paint it with a mixture of white, gray and blue acrylic paint. Check out this video by for more details.

If you not the type to diy I have bought boards Replica Surfaces. They are great quality and light weight.


Wedding Stationery Flatlay Props and Styling

July 12, 2020

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